The Good Spice

It is with great pleasure that we can announce that FARE Capital has invested in The Good Spice. The investment was pursued in conjunction with inventory finance provided by Invest International. So far, the spice trade has been somewhat of an uncharted territory, in particular as far as sustainability is concerned. Lengthy, opaque supply chains […]

WHISPP – Company visit

Yesterday, Whispp and FARE Capital were happy to welcome InnovationQuarter and ROM InWest at PLNT Leiden for a company visit to the Assistive Tech startup. A wonderful opportunity for Joris Castermans to explain the vision and technology designed to (literally) give a voice to people that are suffering from speech disorders. There was also an […]

My Life Technologies – Company visit

Thursday December 1st 2022, MyLife Technologies and FARE Capital were happy to welcome PGGM Investments, Stichting Pensioenfonds ING and ROM InWest at Leiden Bio Science Park for a company visit to the health tech startup. A great opportunity to demonstrate the importance of investing in innovative SMEs that are capable of dramatically improving access to […]

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Whispp closes investment to complete the development of AI technology to empower millions who suffer from speech disorders Leiden, 21 March 2022 Libertatis Ergo Holding B.V., FARE Capital and TomTom co-founder Pieter Geelen invest €450k in Leiden based startup Whispp. Whispp also receives the Rabobank Innovation Loan of €150k. Leiden based startup Whispp develops AI […]

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It is with great pleasure that we can announce that FARE Capital has invested in Sensoterra, the international producer of wireless soil moisture sensors! Extremely rugged, easy to install, with solid connectivity and a tremendous battery life, these sensors are a truly unique and vital tool in climate change adaptation. Sensoterra sensors come in a […]


The FARE Capital Impact Fund has launched through its first investment in My Life Technologies. To earmark this joyful occasion, Mike de Leeuw, CEO of My Life Technologies, sounded the opening bell at Euronext Amsterdam. My Life Technologies is a highly innovative enterprise, that is developing a vaccine technology based on vaccin delivery through ceramic […]

Jumping to conclusions

Use restraint when applying the limited amount of company data out there to draw conclusions about Dutch corporate health. Today’s front page article in the FD contains some conclusions that are quite remarkable to say the least. Bankruptcy as a panacea? The article starts out with the bold statement that bankruptcies would actually benefit the […]

Too many hats

Banks can play a vital role in post-pandemic recovery……in their capacity as creditors. An article in today’s FD caught my attention: “Banken willen belang nemen in worstelende bedrijven” (Banks are looking to  invest in equity of companies that are struggling). In short, banks are in talks with the Ministry of Finance and Economic Affairs and are […]

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Joining the team

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Meet our mentors!

Meet our mentors!

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